Community Yard Sale

SO!  As mentioned in this post, today was the Community Yard Sale, and we are now compete with it!!

Total amount of money made (from 8:30am to 4pm) = $80

Not bad, right?  Although...nobody purchased the pink stuffed unicorn, or the "Bombshell" pillow.  All photo albums were sold within the first 2 hours...and only some of the picture frames were sold.

Here's a picture of our crap the night before:

And here's a picture of Greg making some sales this morning....

Note that VERY LARGE Red Stripe chair...everyone asked "how much" for that chair...and Greg wasn't going to budge on selling it - he really wasn't going to sell it for less than $100.  Understandable considering he didn't want to get rid of it to begin with.  

So I guess we did pretty well all things considered.  Greg got it going by 9am, and I joined him by 9:45.  I sat with Brian (our friend up the street) and we were there until around 3:30...then it started to rain, so everything we didn't sell, went right in our apartment.  Oh well - no worries.  Nothing got too wet, and we were pretty much done by 4pm anyway.

Time to pour myself a glass of wine and call it a day!! :)

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