Friday Night - Date Night

Welcome to Friday Night's edition of "Date Night"...we haven't had a "Date Night" on a Friday in a while...and I think it's because we have had so much going it was nice to have an impromptu, UN-PLANNED (so out of character for me), Date-Night tonight.  We met at Greg's work, and went to Tao's (one of our favorite restaurants in the area)...and then came home to just relax.

Tonight is the night before the big yard sale, so we figured we would keep it low-key...

...what better than playing Mario?  Heck yes!!!  By the way - just noticed that we each have 19 lives in the picture below...also very out of character...especially for Greg...he usually has many more lives than me...LOL.

While we were playing Mario, we noticed Mr. Meowgi stalking around the apartment.  There most likely was some sort of bug floating around (mosquito, etc)...but it was pretty funny watching him try to protect  It should be noted in the picture below that there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING behind that bulletin board (for sale tomorrow)...I checked...

Happy Friday - and enjoy your weekend everyone!!

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