Shelving Paper and Impromptu Beer "Sunday"

Let's start this post by saying I'm seriously and ridiculously SORE from moving those couches...everything hurts...oh man I need to start working out. 

Went into work today, normal time, and was informed that Grandma and Aunt Diane needed help with Grandma's new digs...texted the boss, and was good to work "remotely" since there really was nothing going on today (and this week for that matter).  I left work at around 1:30 (after having lunch with Mom - thanks Mom!), and went straight to Grandma's condo.  We chatted a little bit, packed up some more stuff, and made Grandma laugh - I love her laugh - it's contagious, and I love it!! :)  ANYWAY...Aunt Diane and I pack my car full of boxes, and drive it over to Grandma's newly remodeled's perfect - every aspect of it - I love it!!  

Once we bring the boxes in, Aunt Diane leaves the house to continue packing the condo, and I start with the shelving "paper"...I put the paper in quotes because it really isn't's like this plastic liner, with grip stuff on the bottom to prevent it from sliding (while still protecting your shelves/drawers/cabinets/etc).  I never understood the concept of this shelving paper, but I do what I'm told, so it's all good.  Literally starting this at around 2:30pm, I am a shelving "paper" installing MACHINE.  

Below is a quick tutorial on how to install shelving paper.
First - get your supplies (shelving paper, scissors (or box cutter - I had both), a pen, measuring tape, and a large piece of cardboard to cover the counter top you're working on, so you don't cut through (or ruin your scissors))

Then...MEASURE, MEASURE, MEASURE!!!  I cannot stress this enough - measure what you're installing, and make sure you're cutting to size.  Also keep track of the cabinets - you'll find that most drawers are the same size - it's easier to cut 5 20in x 10in all at once, instead of cutting them one at a time (separately, and 10 minutes apart).  If you're doing it right, you should end up with scraps of all shapes, sizes, thicknesses, etc.  I wanted to get the best fit I could with the new cabinets, so most of my pieces were cut a little too big on purpose, and then sliced down little by little.  

Also - it should be noted that the "grid" on the back of the shelving paper isn't a true "grid".  The lines aren't even, and they cannot be trusted.  No joke.  I'm convinced that shelving paper is the devil.  It doesn't make your job easy at all.  

This is what your shelves and cabinets, and drawers will look like once you've installed properly.  Notice the paper is all the way to the edges of the shelf, and it looks like the floor of the cabinet:

At around 5:30, Aunt Diane, got back to the house with some more boxes, and Mom and Mark arrived to help out (with more boxes), I WAS FINALLY FINISHED!!!  This project literally took me from 2:30pm to 5:30pm...3 hours...and that was the largest kitchen I've ever been in.  Insane, right?  Not to mention, Aunt Diane was extremely appreciative of the shelving paper being down - she must have said "Thank You" like 10 times - and then followed that up with a text about an hour later - super cute, right?? :)

Now that THAT'S over with...we can get to the good part of the night...Beer "Sunday" with Alan & Connie....

Greg was already over there assisting Alan with his front porch, and they insisted that I come by for some dinner and beer.  So, of course, I said yes (and you'd know why if you saw their beer cellar).

Now...Alan and Connie have the "Big Green Egg".  If you have never heard of this - I think you should click on that little link, and read up - drool - wipe the drool from your face - and purchase it, if you have the funding to do so (of course).  They cook EVERYTHING on this thing...from hot dogs to Pork Butts/Shoulders.  It literally makes everything taste amazing.  Tonight - we had Alan's Pork Butt.  ERMAGHERD.  AMAZING.  It literally fell off the bone (without any work)...and apparently Alan cooks this thing for 22 you know it HAS to be good...and it was - it always is.

Along with this Pork Butt (insert pun-ny jokes here - yes - we made them all night), we had three amazing beers.  Saskatoon Ale - a Fruit Beer, made by Banff Avenue Brewing in Canada (given 4 "caps" on Untappd).  Sap Sucker Maple Porter - a Porter, made by Fernie Brewing Company in Canada (given 4 "caps" on Untappd).  Chocolate Bunny - an American Stout, made by Rhinelander Brewing Company in Wisconsin (given 1 "cap" on Untappd - it lost the chocolate).

All in all, it was a pretty good night - despite being ridiculously sore, I got the shelving paper completed at Grandma's new house

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