"The Fruit's Leaving..."

So...I come home from having dinner (sushi- yum!) with a great friend (love ya Tiff!!)...and Greg is home...waiting for me to enjoy a beer with him.  He says, "wait out on the stoop for me....I'll bring the beer out"...yes a sitting on a stoop...thug style...think "Always Sunny in Philadelphia"....YOU....ya got what I neeeeed...we're cool like that (but I digress).  

The beer, you ask? None other than Rosé de Gambrinus from Cantillon.  And we are being fancy and drinking the beer out of Cantillon glasses (received from our friends Bob and Mel when they went to Belgium a while back - Thanks Bob & Mel!!).  

Now while drinking the first sips of this supposedly fantastic beer, Greg says, "The fruit's leaving...".  I think "What? What the hell is he talking about??". THEN I REMEMBER....this beer is supposed to taste like a delicious raspberry sour....and now all HE tastes is sour (from what his palette is telling him).  So....we go on drinking this sour (that the fruit is leaving from), and wondering where we go from here.  If you ask me, I'm just happy with the beautiful "pinkish red" color it has, and sitting on the stoop sounds mi-T-fiiiiine to me....because YOOUUU!!!! YA GOT WHAT I NEEEEED.....ha!!

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