BIER Mountain and Laura's

Good morning everyone!!  So...I didn't post yesterday...mainly because I was exhausted, and sore, and a little drunk.  That, and we wanted to watch Once Upon a there was no posting...sorry :(

Yesterday, was one of Greg's first Sundays off in what seems like we went up to Bear Mountain for some hiking, and walking around.  It was a beautiful fall day, and we wanted to take FULL advantage of it.  We got up there around 11am, and learned that it was also Oktoberfest...which meant a LOT of beer, and food, and music...and fun-ness...but it didn't really start until 12pm.  

So...we began to hike...started with some stairs made of rock...and we just kept going...until we reached about half-way up the mountain...we were LITERALLY climbing the mountain on stairs, and I had just about had hips hurt, my knees hurt, and I couldn't do it Greg bribed me with some beer (yay!), and we went back down the mountain, walked right over to Oktoberfest, and grabbed some beers (Stiegl & Franziskaner among others) and food.  YUM!!!  We had an AMAZING day - talked about everything, did our fair share of judging (LOL)...and just relaxed...
I took a lot of pictures yesterday, but here's the highlights...notice the little Bavarian boy...had to take a picture of him - he was just so friggin' cute!!!

We left around 3pm because we had to get to a friend's housewarming party...we BARELY made it off the mountain, and it started to rain...half-way off, it started to HAIL.  Um...what?'s a picture of that...

We finally make it to Laura's...well, Laura's boyfriend's new place.  Super cute, right?  It's a magnet on his fridge...awe :)

Then there were goats...don't ask, because even I don't have an explanation...LOL

So we had a pretty amazing Sunday - I was really thankful that Greg had off - it was awesome :)  Have a great week, everyone!! :)

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