CHOPPED Thursdays Round #4 - MY TURN!!!

Welcome back to CHOPPED Thursdays!!!  I am the chef tonight, and Melanie was in charge of determining the 4 basket ingredients, so when Bob and Mel arrived this evening, I was given Fresh Asparagus (2 bunches), Beef Sirloin Tip (Flat), Fig Spread, and Whole Wheat Udon Noodles.  Total Spent = $31 (juuuust over the $30 mark - Mel said that if she didn't go to Whole Foods, it would have been under).

With the timer set for 30 minutes, I began.  There was already a pot of boiling water, and the oven was already pre-heated.    

First,  trimmed the asparagus stalks off, and threw them in a large ZipLock bag, coated them with Olive Oil, shook them around, and spread them on an aluminum foil covered cookie sheet.  I then sprinkled salt and pepper on them, and placed them in the oven to roast. 

Then I took the Fig spread, and dumped it in the pot to cook down, and dissolve a little. 

Note the Cork People watching  Then I turned my attention to the meat.  I cut the sirloin into 4 equal pieces, and created a marinade out of Worcestershire, Horseradish, and Ginger.  I put that aside, and let the flavors get funky.  LOL

Turning my attention back to the melted down Fig Spread, I decided to add some port wine and let it cook down some more.  

Next, I cut up a vidalia onion, an orange pepper, and a red pepper.  I tossed all three into a hot, oil covered, sautee pan, and began to toss them.  Here's an action shot of my mad "flipping" skillz (yes, I just added a z to the end of that word). 

With about 12 minutes left, I turned my attention to the udon noodles, and threw them into the to the boiling water to cook. 

After that, (11 minutes left), I put the steaks on the grill - started to cook them on the panini press.  

Going back to the Fig Sauce, I decided to add some butter, and let it cook down some more.  

All of a sudden, there was 6 minutes left, so took the asparagus out of the oven, and began plating my dishes. 

After that, I drained the udon noodles and rinsed them, according to package directions, and plated those with my fingers (I don't have a spaghetti grabber - we're not fancy).  

Next, I took the steaks off the grill and let them rest...hoping to get as much blood settled as I could. 

Next, I plated the onions and peppers on top of the noodles

With about 3 minutes left, I began to cut the steaks.  About halfway through, I literally stabbed myself with the knife, and asked "sous chef Greg" to grab me a bandaid from the medicine cabinet.  I didn't bleed on anything - PROMISE!!!

I finally finished cutting the steaks with about a minute left, and topped the steak with the fig & port wine sauce.

With about 30 seconds to spare, I took my time, and made sure my plates were clean.  Time was up!!! 

Here's the Entree:  Roasted Asparagus, Worcestershire, Horseradish, and Ginger marinated steak, with a Fig & Port Wine Reduction, and Caramelized Onion and Peppers atop udon noodles.  

Now...the "Judging" begins....

Entree Summary:  (These are Greg's words) - Steak was well cooked, the noodles were "good", Stir Fry vegetables came out "nice", and Bob loved the asparagus.  

To summarize, I think I was freaking out more than I needed to - I was fine - I just worked myself up more than I needed to!!!!!

Next week is the ACTUAL Chopped rounds...and we drew them from a's how the next four weeks will go:

10/25/12 - Chef Greg (Bob chooses basket)
11/1/12 - Chef Bob (Mel chooses basket)
11/8/12 - Chef Mel (Christina chooses basket)
11/15/12 - Chef Christina (Greg chooses basket)

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