Friday Night - Date Night Before Camping

Good evening!!  It's almost Saturday!!!  Tonight was a busy busy night!  We are getting ready to go camping tomorrow with Alan and Connie, and we had a lot of running around to do. 

I got done with work at 5, and met Mom and Mark over at Brady's for a cocktail (or 2)...we all had Manhattans - made with Bulleit Bourbon (sooo good).  I had a great time with Mom and Mark - even if it was brief.  That and the Yankees were on - what's better than that?  ESPECIALLY because they won game 5!! :)

So then the night continues...

I left a little after finishing my second cocktail, and started heading home to meet Greg (he was out of work at 7pm).  Before even leaving the Brady's parking lot, I looked up in the sky, and noticed the beautiful sunset.

The colors got even more vivid as I made my way's another picture for your viewing delight :)

When I got home, I started to round up the things I needed to pack for the weekend, including the beer glasses that needed to be washed.  I walked in the kitchen, and began to wash dishes.  I happened to look over, and notice that GREG SCRUBBED THE STOVETOP CLEAN!!!  I really wish you could have seen this as a Before/After - because it was SUPER gross.  I mean, for Greg to even say "it was bad" means that it. was. bad.  So a SUPER HUGE SHOUT OUT TO GREG - THANK YOU!!! :)

Greg got home around 7:20, and we got on our way with running errands, etc.  First stop, dropping off a bottle of beer to a friend.  On the way to stop #2, we picked this little guy out of the trash - super awesome table that was being tossed, and just needs a new table top that Greg is going to build me :)

Second stop, dropping something off at Alan and Connie's.  Third stop, swinging by another friend's house to borrow a cooler.  Fourth stop, stopping by The Copper Mine Pub to fill up a growler for Bob and Mel.  Fifth stop, swinging by Stop and Shop to change in some coins at the CoinStar (if you get a Stop and Shop gift card, you don't get charged the 9%), grab some snacks for the drive tomorrow, and some dinner for tonight.  Note the total, and the pizzas in the background (dinner choice).

Sixth stop, going to Bob and Mel's to drop of the previously filled growler, and fill up some growler's of our own from his DELICIOUS BoleroSnort Beer!!  Seventh and FINAL stop brings us back home with Red Baron pizza.

It's funny - when I started packing, I wanted to find my scarves, hats, and gloves.  So I went to my old sorority bag (which is where it was last year).  Apparently I had moved them to another location (which I DID end up finding), but the greatest find of tonight was my old sorority SHIRTS...which I thought I LOST!!!!  SUPER HAPPY about that one!!! :)

SO...wish us luck with camping this weekend - and hope that it's not too cold!!!!

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