Mr. Meowgi's New House and Homemade Calzones

Good evening Blogging World!!!!

Tonight...I bring you my homemade calzones, and Mr. Meowgi's New House!!!  Woot woot!!!  Ok, so I may or may not be losing my mind.  

I came home today, and noticed that Greg brought home a new house for Booger (Mr. Meowgi's nick-name).  It's a box from a promo item from his job...and's a house for Boogie (another nick-name) that looks like a Ranch or Trailer...LOL.  He loves it actually - half-way through having dinner, Boogie decides he's ready to "enter the house"'s a picture:

Here's our dinner - the recipe inspiration came from Pinterest (shocking).  Here's the recipe credit.  I created a Ham, Mushroom, Broccoli, and Cheese Calzone for myself, and a Ground Beef, Onion, and Cheese Calzone for Greg.  Probably the best calzones I've ever made.  YUM!!!!!

Goodnight everyone :)

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