Painting Cabinets and Yummy Beer

Let's start this post by saying that I was unbelievably emotional ALL DAY today.  I literally cried at stupid things, and got seriously angry when I read this article.  Like really, really, really angry, and pretty much sick to my stomach. 

I couldn't get that MONSTER out of my head all day, and I needed to fix that.  Left work, came home, poured myself a HUUUUUUGE Manhattan Cocktail (YUM), and tore the kitchen APART.  I needed to paint the inside of the cabinets, because of the Kitchen Facelift we're doing, and it needed to happen IMMEDIATELY, because I needed to get my mind off of my feelings at hand.  You can see the before pictures of the kitchen here, including the picture of the cabinet. 

SO...I texted Greg, told him I was home, and got to work.  I took everything out of the cabinets, and started to clean up the surfaces (can't paint if it's not clean).  Here's a picture of all of the crap OUT of the cabinets (that was just what was in the kitchen - there WAS spill-over into the living room, but not much).

Once the cabinets were clear and clean, I took a huge swig of my drink, and started to paint.  First coat took about an hour, and then Greg came home.  By that time I was feeling a little bit better.  I kept pressing on - the second coat took about 30 minutes, and then I was ready to eat, a little buzzed, and feeling a little better.  Here's a picture of the finished, freshly painted, inside of the cabinets :)

Now we're sitting in the living room, relaxing, watching TV.  Love this part of my day - when I get to just relax, and unwind.  Currently drinking Captain Lawrence Brewery's Barrel Select Cherry.  Here's the Beer Advocate Profile if you're interested.  PLEASE be interested, because we actually ATTENDED that beer release.  We got to Captain Lawrence around 11pm that night - it's only about an hour away from where we live.  Greg made me SLEEP IN MY CAR that night...well...he didn't MAKE me, I was actually excited to go, and I was a good trooper for the first hour or so...but then I couldn't really feel my limbs.  That was the worst part - it was so freakin' cold that night.  I literally slept in my trunk (with the back seats folded down), and Greg would occasionally stop in from his binge drinking and getting drunk, and make sure I was warm enough - he'd start the car, let it run and get hot, and then continue with his drinking.  I slept until around 8am (when Connie knocked on my window and wanted me to come out to drink).  OH MAN...that was insanely early to be drinking...but if you've ever been to a beer release, it's the norm!!  

So...enjoy (through us) the wonderfully tasting beer, that is Captain Lawrence....

Night night all! :)

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