Knife Art - COMPLETED!!!

Young House Love and Bower Power's Pinterest Fall Challenge pushed me to complete something on my Pinterest board.  So I did some talking it out on my Pinterest Idea Brainstorming post, and finally revealed what I had completed during the Pinterest Challenge REVEAL.  I had mentioned in the latter post that I would be completing another 3 or 4 canvasses to complete my Knife Art.  All inspired by Bower Power's Knife Art.  

Here's the final four canvasses!!!

The only difference between my art and Bower Power's art is that she used a spackle knife...I unfortunately didn't have one handy, so I just cut a sturdy cardboard box piece to the size that I wanted, and it worked just fine!  Total cost for the entire thing (only including the canvasses and paint around $25.  $5 per canvass (I had a coupon), and 89 cents per bottle of craft paint (which I had 5).

Now I just have to work on the rest of the wall (and balance it out a little) with some other pictures of Greg and me.  Hopefully, I'll be able to have a beautiful wall above the couch that I can look at all the time :)

Here's some other sexy angles of my art to get your heart a-pumping :)

I chose those colors based off our our rug in the living room, which sadly I don't have a picture of.  Trust's a little odd (not my choice), and I didn't originally love it, but I think with the newly done canvasses, it pulls the rug together perfectly. 

Enjoy :)  and I hope everyone is staying safe!!

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