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So.....I'm sitting on the couch in our apartment...and watching Chopped (shocking), and thinking about my dream of owning and managing my own restaurant.  Greg and I have thought about the concept of the restaurant, and it's in a really great place.  It's just missing the backing of funds to get it started.  The other issue is my location.  I doubt myself and the ability to "cut it" in this area...right outside of Manhattan, and in the thick of Bergen's super difficult to "make it" in the area. 

So maybe owning and managing a restaurant will stay as a dream.  Yup - it's just going to have to stay as a dream - that'll avoid disappointment and sadness (and a RIDICULOUS loss of money).  

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SPEAKING (or thinking) of disappointment will inevitably bring me back to college.  I didn't necessarily make anyone proud in that aspect.  Unless you consider good 'ol Sallie Mae...she's gotta be happy that I'm forever indebted to her.  Right?  But I digress....  College was not for me, not at that point in my life.  I got there in '04, Dad died in '05, and my life was less than desirable for about a year.  I tried kicked out...fought to get back in...tried kicked out on Halloween Weekend, and I remember it like it was yesterday.  

It was a VERY emotional weekend, because the ONE PERSON I thought would have wanted to say goodbye (for forever), didn't.  To say that the 13 hour car ride home was painful is an INSANE understatement.  I'm not even kidding, my lungs hurt from chain smoking, my eyes were swollen from crying, and by the time I reached Ohio, I had no more tears left, and still 6 hours to go.  Worst road trip ever.  

I never thought that the college experience would have changed me the way it did.  I am a different person.  Completely changed, and for the better.  I am a stable, accomplished, successful, STRONG, and determined 27 year old woman. 

So for those readers out there (if there's any of you left)...this is me.  A ridiculously, outspoken, confident, WOMAN.  If you don't like it, the delete button is somewhere within your reach. 

If you do like it, however, comment, and tell me your story!  I want to know if anyone else out there has screwed up just as bad as I have!!

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