Day 2 - Sour Beer Night & Take Out

Welcome back for Day 2!!  Read about what I'm doing (and why) here…as well as a running list of the 31 Days of this challenge.  Also - if you want to know what the 31 Day Challenge is….please go here

Tonight, unfortunately, I wasn't able to cook anything.  BECAUSE, it was sour beer night at our favorite bar.  Which meant…GREAT beers, and take out from our favorite Mexican place.  

We had a bunch of sour, sour, SOUR beers, and stuffed our faces with Empanadas (served with rice & beans). 

We also decided to get chips and guacamole (just look at that STUFF in there!!). Friggin' delicious. 

I'll be back tomorrow (Friday night) with some delicious kitchen creation :)  PROMISE!!!!

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