31 Days - An October Writing Challenge!

Hello!  Hopefully I have some readers left - and hopefully you'll follow along this month for my 31 Day Challenge. 

WHAT is the 31 Day Challenge, you ask?  The 31 Day Challenge is a writing challenge every day, for 31 days, in the month of October, hosted here.  

I thought…I haven't blogged in about a year…let's see if I can do this 31 Day Challenge.  When thinking about a topic to chat about…for 31 Days…I thought…"what do I do every day that I cannot avoid?".  Well, I came up with food - I eat something EVEY DAY.  

Yes - I am a crazy person, and I'm writing a blog post…every day…for 31 Days…and its going to be all about FOOD.  Because WHAT do we do every day?  What do we NEED to do every day?  EAT.  Yes - that's right…eat. Don't you judge me - I didn't get fat by eating salad for goodness sakes.  I got fat because I like food - I'm a "foodie", and I like cooking, smelling, touching, traveling for, and being surrounded by FOOD.  Well, being SURROUNDED by sounds a little much, but it's true - I love it - and I LIVE for it.  Quite literally - you could die if you don't eat.  Just saying'. 

So please join me - and check back every day - here - for the updated posts... 

Today (October 1st) is a bonus - you get TWO posts!!

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