Day 4 - Raspberry Granita

Welcome back!  Hope you're enjoying my 31 Days of FOOD so far!!  If you want to catch up on previous days, and read why I'm doing this (or what it is), go HERE.

Last night (Saturday 10/4), I made a Raspberry Granita - YUM!  Below, are instructions on how you can make your own!!

First, here are your ingredients - a blender, a small pot, sugar, frozen fruit, 1 Cup for measuring, a mixing bowl, and a silicone spatula (not pictured).  Note - you don't need to use frozen fruit - you can use fresh fruit.  I prefer frozen, as it holds the flavor and brightness a little better.

First step, is to start your simple syrup (equal parts of sugar and water).  1 Cup sugar + 1 Cup water in a small pot - on medium heat.  Make sure that once you combine both ingredients into the pot, you whisk everything together (so the sugar doesn't stick to the bottom of the pot and burn).  While it's cooking, keep an eye on it, you'll need to occasionally whisk it. 

While your simple syrup is cooking, start on your raspberry blend.  Take a HEAPING cup of raspberries, along with a cup of water, and put it in the blender. 

Then, blend until smooth.

THEN….pour your mixture into a mixing bowl (use the silicone spatula to make sure everything is out of the blender).

At this point, the simple syrup should be done (you'll know when the water is clear - meaning the sugar is completely dissolved). 

Take the simple syrup and pour it in the raspberry puree. 

Mix well - make sure it's WELL blended.

Once it's mixed, you'll need to pour the mixture into a foil pan (over a baking sheet), and stick it in the freezer.

After about an hour, you'll need to mix it up (using a fork), you'll need to "rake" the mixture away from the edges, and pull everything to the center.  Mixing everything thoroughly, and then spreading it out in an even layer. 

You'll want to do this at least once more (after another hour of freezing).  Once it's complete, You'll see it holding it's shape, and turning more into an frozen ice (or sorbet).

After that, ENJOY!!  If you don't finish everything, you can freeze it and enjoy it later - you don't have it eat it all at once - it freezes quite well :)

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