Day 8 - Steak Fajitas

I can't believe I made it to Day 8 of this 31 Day Challenge!  Catch up here.

Welcome back for Day 8 - tonight, we (yes, we) made Steak Fajitas.  Delicious.  

First...I wanted to try a pickled red onion/jalapeño mixture (like the one from Chili's) for the fajitas - LOVE that stuff - so I wanted to try it at home.  I think I was pretty successful too - didn't turn out half-bad.  To start, I cut up a red onion and jalapeño, and measured out the pickled mixture, and put it all in a pan to cook.  

Once it's brought to a boil, you remove it from the heat until the onions are tender.  Once they're tender, I drained the liquid from it (to prevent over-pickling), and then GENTLY rinsed them.  I then let them sit until they were cool (you want to serve them cool).

After that, I cut up the onions and peppers to get ready to sauté. 

Then, Greg, seasoned the meat…

And cut them into pieces - more into strips…

While he was seasoning and cutting, etc, I started on the onions.  I began cooking the onions first because I knew they would take a while. 

Then Greg started cooking the meat…

And a little while later, I added the peppers to the onions to finish cooking. 

Then…it was eating time - by the time the onions/peppers mixture was done caramelizing, it was ready to eat!  I had two fajitas - on the bottom, I put a small later of sour cream, then steak, then the onion/pepper mix, then the pickled red onions/jalapeño mix, and then finally some cheese.  

Wrapped it like a little package, and ate!  It was easy, simple, and a great Wednesday night dinner. 

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