Traffic, Chicken Parm, and Mr. Meowgi's House

Tonight was a pretty relaxing know after the hour and half of traffic I went through on my way home from work...all for no other reason besides the fact that people don't know how to merge.  Hate it.  If you're from Jersey, you know about the 20, 21, 80, 46, Parkway NIGHTMARE that I deal with twice a day...every day.  It's insane.  This evening's traffic comes to you from the merge of all of those friggin' roads.  Once 21 and 46 split, the traffic MIRACULOUSLY cleared up.  UGH.  But, the three pictures below were taken by me - I was literally going an average of 2mph, and I probably would have been better off staying in PARK.

When I got home, Greg wanted to swing by Target to take a look at the hiking gear they have (mainly the hydration packs/camelbaks/etc).  So, of course, I said, "UMMM...duh, of course we'll go to Target!!".  I friggin' love Target.  I'm not even kidding.  LOVE is an understatement....

Target gives me a ridiculous amount of ideas for things to do around the house, and it's full of inspiration, and amazing decorations :).  When we got back from Target, Greg got started in the kitchen...he had a plan to make a Chicken Parm Sandwiches.  UM...YUM!!!  I haven't had a good Chicken Parm Sandwich, EVER.  Every time I order one, there's either too much sauce, too much chicken, or too much cheese (yeah...I's not really possible to have too much cheese - but there is - just ask my Step-Dad, who HATES cheese).  **Hopefully, you're familiar with Hollandaise's that amazingly delicious sauce that covers Eggs Benedict.  Well, my Step-Dad (Mark), actually stayed away from it because he was CONVINCED that it was cheese, just based off of COLOR.  I changed his opinion on that sometime last year, when I was ADDICTED to Eggs Benny, and I made it with Hollandaise sauce...ohmygod delicious.  And now...Mark loves it!  WINNING!!!  I'm still actually addicted to Eggs Benny, that never really changed.  

But I digress...back to the Chicken Parm Sandwich that my fantastic boyfriend made me :)  Below is a picture of it - and I forgot to take a picture half-way through because I was so hungry.  It was delicious.  The bread was perfectly crispy, and the cheese was oh-so-gooey, and I LOVED it.  I think the trick with it was that he used thinly sliced Chicken Breast...and he deep fried it (Paula Deen would have been proud)!!  The chicken stayed moist, and it was DELICIOUS.  Oh...and did I mention that there were Sweet Potato Fries involved?  Oh MAN...amazing. 

Now that we're completely full, and satisfied with dinner, etc, I realized that I couldn't find Booger (Mr. Meowgi).  Well...I found him, in his house (if you remember, Greg "built" it for him), cuddled up, and sleeping.  You'll have to excuse the crazy green eyes burning through my camera...I think he was a little pissed I woke him from his "slumber"...oh well.

Have a good night everyone :)

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