Whirlwind Weekend Recap

Saturday...I was in the mood to do some home-makeovers...this may or may not have included some ridiculous fabric-digging at my new favorite Fabric Warehouse...and yes - if you're asking, it's sketchy, and a little odd, but it is DEFINITELY a warehouse, and it's loaded with fabrics...it's like the mecca of fabrics....and....*insert drumroll here*...IT'S STINKING CHEAP!!!  Unfortunately, they don't have website (sorry), but it's in Nutley, if you're interested...the bad part is...it's RIGHT DOWN THE STREET from me...so I'll be buying fabric a lot now...oh dear...

So early on Saturday...I went digging for fabrics for 7 pillows that needed refurbishing.  I think I went there a little unprepared, because at one point, I got a little overwhelmed, and tweeted for some help.  Nobody answered me on Twitter (shocking), but my Facebook friends were hilarious..."i'm having flashbacks of math word problems from high school...", "3,231 yards", and (my favorite) "1 dollar, Bob", .  I love my friends - they're great for a laugh.  LOL.  I left that Fabric Warehouse with almost 8 yards of fabric for $28!!!!  I didn't end up figuring this out until I got home, but I only really needed 4 yards of fabric, which would definitely give me more excess than I actually needed, but I would rather have more (since I've never reupholstered pillows before), so double that (8 yards) was PERFECT.  LOL

Next, I decided I should probably go to Home Depot, considering I had finally chosen my paint colors for the Kitchen Facelift we're doing!!!  I try to find parking, and walk in (it was PACKED - Saturday, DUH), and I walk straight to the paint counter (it was DEAD - YAY!), and I ask for 1 Gallon of Cloud Burst (green) in Semi-Gloss, and 1 Gallon of Pewter Mug (grey) in Semi-Gloss. 

When she asked me if I wanted the Paint + Primer in One, I felt like I yelled at her a little...sorry lady...I HATE being up-selled, and the regular Behr paint works fine.
**********Note to any painters out there:  For even coating, everything requires TWO COATS, so SAVE YOUR MONEY - and just buy the regular paint - unless you're painting on Drywall - then you should paint a SEPARATE PRIMER FIRST - and then 2 coats of REGULAR PAINT - the Paint + Primer DOESN'T WORK.  I've covered a nasty dark blue color with High Gloss White in regular Behr paint, and it only required 2 coats (as does every other wall I've ever painted).  Just trust me on this one - save your money, and just buy the regular Behr paint.  

So...I left home depot with my 2 gallons of BEHR PREMIUM PLUSĀ® Semi-Gloss Interior Paint, along with two small roller trays (plastic throw-away ones), one small roller for Semi-Gloss paint, 2 extra rollers (they are foam...make sure you buy the correct ones especially for Semi and High Gloss paints - the regular rollers won't work as well), all for around $88.  Not bad, considering what I got.  I'm happy with it, and I'll definitely have paint left-over...sounds like a craft project in my future :)

I went home, and began taping off my wall.  For those of you that read my Kitchen Facelift BEFORE post, you'll kind of get the hint that I wanted to paint a chevron wall...it was on my Pinterest Board.  So I got to taping...

It was a pain in the butt - and I literally spent 2 hours JUST TAPING the damn wall - mainly because I wanted it to be perfect, and I needed to figure out where the colors were going (considering I wanted to paint an accent line 3/4 of the way up the wall).  I put extra tape on every other line so that I knew what NOT to paint (and what to leave white).  I literally have painted the wrong color in the wrong place before, and I didn't want that to happen again.

Finally finished taping, noted where I wanted my accent color to go, and started painting.  At one point, I didn't know where Mr. Meowgi went...had me paranoid that he got into the paint or something, and hid somewhere.  After searching and searching and searching (for a good 40 minutes in our little 400sqft apartment, I finally found him)...he was cuddling with the big pink unicorn that was leftover from our Community Yard Sale (posts here and here).  Cute, right?

Once I finished painting, my thighs were KILLING me, my hands were shaking from taping and painting, and I had a little buzz (I was drinking ciders - so? LOL).  I was so pleased with the end result that I probably took 10 pictures, and sent them to Greg.  Yay!!  I was done with the kitchen accent wall!!!

I absolutely fell in love with the contrast of the Semi-Gloss colors and Flat White paint behind it.  The wall is given texture without actually HAVING texture.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this wall - and SO WORTH the work!! :)

Sunday...was a relaxing day - had to stop by Grandma's house to check in with her and Aunt Diane to see how they were getting acquainted with the new house, then swung by my parents to feed the cat (Pongo). 

After all that, we went up to Greg's parent's house...Susan and Walter (his mother and step-father).  Susan was awesome in teaching me how to reupholster a pillow - it was a big undertaking, and I can't thank her enough for helping me through it!!  Thanks Susan, if you're reading this!!! :)  I started at 1pm and ended around 6pm (right before dinner).  Took me a while, but saved so much money by taking older pillows, and reupholstering them!!

Then we stuck around Susan and Walter's for dinner...all day long, we were smelling this wonderful Vegetarian Chili in her Crock-Pot, and it was friggin' delicious!!  I need that recipe - again - Susan - if you're reading this, please send it to me!!

Here's some other highlights from Sunday...in picture form...I hit 33,333 miles in my car (and yes, I realize I had NO GAS...but that has since been rectified).  I also realize that I was still in drive, however, I WAS pulled over on a side street, on the side of the road, so as not to kill myself, or anyone else while trying to take a picture while driving (which I've done before - oops...).  The other three pictures were Halloween/Thanksgiving/Fall decorations that Susan had on her Dining Room table - gotta LOVE that Pumpkin Serving Bowl, right?  SUPER CUTE!! :)

Happy Monday (Columbus Day) everyone - and I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends, and continues to enjoy your week!!

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