CHOPPED Thursdays Round #6 - Bob's Turn

Welcome back to CHOPPED Thursdays!!!  

Disclaimer:  We actually did this CHOPPED Round on Tuesday, November 6th.  We had to postpone last week's round because of Hurricane Sandy (friggin' b*tch).

Bob was the chef this week, and it's now his SECOND time in the CHOPPED kitchen.  Feeling SUPER comfortable before the round started, he was ready to go.  Mel (his wife) was in charge of determining the 4 basket ingredients, so she decided on 2 packages of ground pork, a bag of baby carrots, a bag of Texas Toast Croutons, and a box of Rice Noodles.  Total Spent = $13.56 (crazy, right??).
With the timer set for 30 minutes...Bob started right away.  There was already a pot of boiling water and the oven was already pre-heated, so Bob made a bee-line to the fridge and cabinets to grab some marinade ingredients for the pork, and peppers for chopping.

Right after chopping up the peppers, marinating the pork, he turned his attention to the Rice Noodles.  After reading the cooking instructions (of course), he decides to throw half in a pot of boiling water, and half in a hot water "bath".  Trying to cook the noodles TWO ways, he was getting started.  After determining the noodles in the pot of boiling water were thoroughly cooked, he drains them, and adds some "secret sauce" to the noodles.  Here he is mixing the sauce into the noodles:

After mixing the noodles, he then decides to throw the peppers and chopped carrots into a wok, and then begins to cook down the marinated ground pork.

You can see in the above picture, he had already grabbed the tortillas he planned on using for plating his dish.  Carefully setting them out on the counter, he was preparing to combine and plate his dish.  The next step (after making sure the pork was cooked all the way through), was putting the ground pork on the tortilla, and then the vegetable "medley".  He finished doing this with 5 minutes to go (not sure if you can see the timer on the ledge above the bowl...)

After he was done prepping the tortillas, he added the some noodles to the mixture as well (it was the second way of cooking the noodles).  He rolled each tortilla up into a burrito, and placed them on the griddle pan:

Now he finally begins to plate.  He takes the noodles (first preparation) that were previously combined in the beginning of the round, and plates those on each:

After finally finishing grilling his burritos, he slices them each in half, and plates 3 "halves" on each plate. 
Here's the Entree:  A Pad Thai Pork Burrito with a Siracha sauce, served with Peanut Butter Crumble Topped Rice Noodles.
Now...the Judging begins....keep in mind that the full scores will be shared with the group after the final chef presents their dish.  

Entree Summary:  The rice noodles were great - very complimentary to the burrito.  The Pad Thai burrito was very well made - the ground pork (which is a VERY bland meat), was seasoned and cooked to perfection - not dry, and had great depth of flavor.  The sauteed veggies stood up to the heat, and maintained great texture and taste.  Unfortunately, the heavy-handed Siracha, was a pallette ruiner for some of the judges, and took away the flavor of the dish.  Other than that, it was a very well made dish by Chef Bob. 

Scoring:  Will be determined after the final chef presents his/her dish.  STAY TUNED!!!

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