CHOPPED Thursdays - Winner & Scores REVEAL!!

Good morning all!!!  Welcome back to CHOPPED Thursdays!!

Today...we recap the basket ingredients, as well as what each Chef Made.  

Greg was the first chef, and Bob presented him with Chicken Drumstick and Wings (2 large packages), Herr's Barbecue Potato Chips, Celery, and Bud Light Lime (2 cans).  Total Spent = $17.

He made one final dish.  A BBQ Chip Crusted Chicken Wing and Drumstick, with a Bud Light Lime Risotto, served with a Ranch Celery Slaw.

Bob was the second chef, and Mel presented him with 2 packages of ground pork, a bag of baby carrots, a bag of Texas Toast Croutons, and a box of Rice Noodles.  Total Spent = $13.56.

He made one final dish.  A Pad Thai Pork Burrito topped with a Siracha sauce, served with Peanut Butter Crumble Topped Rice Noodles.

Mel was the third chef, and Christina presented her with 2 packages of Pre-Cooked Polenta, 2 cucumbers, 100% Pomegranate Juice, and 2 combo packages of Sweet & Hot Sausage.  Total Spent = $23. 

She made a dish and a "shooter".  Lasagna made from Polenta with a Pomegranate Infused Stuffing.  

The Shooter was a Cucumber & Pomegranate "gazpacho" topped with Feta Cheese crumbles.  

Christina was the fourth and final chef, and Greg presented her with 2 packages of Carolina Yellow Rice, a Large Container of Del Monte Citrus Salad in Extra Light Syrup, a Cheese and Pepperoni Variety Platter, and EXTRA FIRM Tofu.  Total Spent = $22.

I ended up with two dishes as well.  The first, a Deep Fried Tofu Cheese Sandwich served of Yellow Rice and topped with Sauteed Pepperoni.

The second, a Tofu & Citrus Salad with a Balsamic and Pomegranate Vinaigrette, topped with sliced almonds.


In FIRST Place - with a total score of 63/90 - CHEF MELANIE!!
In SECOND Place - with a total score of 56/90 - CHEF CHRISTINA!!
In THIRD Place - with a total score of 55/90 - CHEF BOB!!
In FOURTH Place - with a total score of 45/90 - CHEF GREG!!

We will be starting these up again soon - stay tuned!!! :)

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