Day 1 - Bison Burgers

Welcome to Day 1 of the 31 Day Challenge!!  I'm so happy you decided to stick around!  You can read about why I'm doing this CRAZY thing HERE.
31 Days of FOOD

DAY 1 - Bison Burgers (at home)

So…I had this pretty insane idea to have Greg choose our dinner ingredients for this evening's dinner.  Kind of like a take on our "Chopped at Home" series…but not really.  

He picked up these ingredients (and said I could make whatever I wanted…).  He ALSO said that the items he selected were "pretty easy", and that if I couldn't figure out what to make from the ingredients he chose, that I "wasn't American".  WELL…OK then.  Knowing Greg, I knew he was thinking burgers - I sort of knew this as soon as he said "american".  I have no idea why - I just know Greg. 

ANYWAY…here are the items he picked up from the store: 
rolls, onion, corn, ground bison, sweet potato fries, american cheese

He picked up two hard rolls, for those OUTSIDE of New Jersey, these are just your basic rolls, with either poppy seeds or sesame seeds on them - in this case, they were sesame hard rolls.  He also got frozen corn (in the steam fresh bag), frozen crinkle cut sweet potato fries, deli-sliced yellow american cheese, ground bison, and a vidalia (sweet) onion. 

With these ingredients, CLEARLY, I had to make Bison Burgers…because…WHAT ELSE?  So, I threw the fries in the oven (YUM), and got started on seasoning the meat.  I added one egg, a cup of breadcrumbs, a BUNCH of seasonings, and mixed everything together.  Sadly, I do not have a photo of the mixed part, because, well, my hands were covered in bison.  Then, I formed my burger patties.  Here's a trick - make them like you would normally, but make sure the center is a little "dented" in.  You can KIND OF see that in the photo below, but it prevent the burgers from turning into balls when you grill them. It will ALSO prevent you from smashing down the burger when you're cooking them (don't do that - it gets rid of all the yummy juices). 

Once your done forming your patties - cook them however you want - grill, sauté pan, George Forman…ya know…whatever tickles your pickle (heehee - I'm a kid at heart). 
bison burgers, saute pan, cooking

THEN…throw your cheese on…if you want.  When the cheese is getting all melty and delicious, create some sauces…again…I don't have a picture of this, but I created a Siracha Ketchup, and a Ranch/Ketchup/Siracha sauce for the burger - Greg and I could choose which ones we wanted to use.  Both were delicious.  

Here's the final product - I thought it was pretty good - good flavor, and easy to make!  Don't be deceived - those burgers were HUGE - it's just that the rolls were bigger.  Haha. 
31 Day Challenge - Day 1 - Bison Burger - FINAL PRODUCT

I hope you'll come back for Day 2!!

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