Day 17 - Peach Granita

Yeah, I'm a little behind…don't judge…this week and weekend has been insane…took the cat to the vet, wedding, memorial service, 50th birthday party, and family get-together…all in one weekend was exhausting. 

Remember that 31 Day Challenge?  Yes - I'm still doing it.  I'm just a little behind…so expect a bunch of posts…

Also - remember that time I made Raspberry Granita?  Well, Greg loved it so much, it barely lasted a week in our apartment.  And then, I made a Mango Granita (but didn't blog about it)…again…barely lasted a week. 

On Day 17…I made a PEACH Granita.  

I used the same process as with the Raspberry and Mango Granitas, I just cut back the sugar a little bit.  Rather than 1:1 (sugar:water), it was more like 1:2 (sugar:water).  I also used two cans of peach slices (because the fresh peaches didn't look so great). 


If you've tried any of my recipes, I would love to know what you've thought!  Feel free to comment!  And ENJOY :)

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