Day 30 - Cheese Tortellini Bolognese

Oh man… I made it to Day 30?!?  I can't believe it.  I didn't think I was going to make it to the 5th day of this 31 Day Challenge.  In-SANE.  

Tonight's challenge (because, let's face it, I'm running out of ideas), was to make a dinner under $10.  Also, because pay day is TOMORROW, and we're kind of broke.  ANYWAY.  Greg went to the store, and picked out the ingredients, and we had a pretty basic dinner tonight.  I am SO not complaining. 

BTW - the word "bolognese" just makes it sound fancy - and NOT like a $10 dinner, am I right? (LOL)

Cheese Tortellini Bolognese
1 package (13oz) cheese tortellini
1.5 lbs ground beef (80/20 is fine)
1 container pasta sauce (your choice)

1. Cook the ground beef.
2. Add the sauce (and leftover roasted garlic if ya got it).
3. Simmer the sauce on low heat until heated through.
4. Cook the tortellini according to package directions. 
5. Drain the pasta and serve!

ENJOY - you just made a $10 dinner.  Actually, $9.71 to be exact. :)

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