Day 9 - The BEST Fudge Brownies - EVER

As usual, you can catch up here.  OK…I am a boxed-brownie girl - they're easy, right?  All you do is add an egg (maybe), and perhaps some oil.  And I was a boxed brownie girl…until NOW (I mean LOOK at this picture!!).

Bored and hungry one night, I was browsing through the Food & Drink categories on Bloglovin'.  I swear, doing that is almost as bad as food shopping when you're hungry…I found Cookie + Kate.  From her website, I made that Butternut Squash Linguine (DE-LISH).  I also came across The Very Best Brownies, and decided that I just HAD to try it.  Tonight worked out perfectly - deciding I didn't want to cook any sort of dinner meal, I asked Greg to pick up Monopoly Pieces McDonald's, and I made brownies.  Yes - King & Queen of the fatties are we.  Don't judge. 

I'm just saying, these brownies are the BEST friggin' brownies I have ever had in my LIFE.  Never again, will I make BOXED brownies because of this recipe.  

Do yourself a favor, and repeat after me: 
I will never buy I will never buy 
boxed brownies ever again. boxed brownies ever again.  
boxed brownies as a gift, boxed brownies as a gift, 
I will throw them in the garbage I will throw them in the garbage 
and bake these instead. and bake these instead.  
I will give credit I will give credit 
to Cooke + Kate for these brownies, to Cooke + Kate for these brownies,
and I will forever be indebted to her and I will forever be indebted to her
for creating these delicious things. for creating these delicious things.

You'll thank me - ENJOY!!

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