HAPPY New Year?? AND 2013 To-Do List!!

Well...it's me...Christina...and I'm back (sounds like a song, doesn't it??).  ANYWAY...After not blogging for the entire month of December, I figure I should get back on the horse blogging.  So, say a little prayer for me (another song...lol), and here goes!!  Oh, and a pretty picture to get your morning going :)
It's a picture of Cape Cod after one of the recent snow storms.  Just LOOK at those waves!!  Oh man, what I wouldn't give to go there right now...talk about somewhere you can go to clear your head...

There has been A LOT going on, and after Hurricane Sandy, everything sort of came to a head.  Starting with My Step-Dad being diagnosed with Cancer, my dog (Vinny) having dental surgery, a close family friend being diagnosed with a serious heart condition, my mother's best friend's daughter dying of cancer at the age of 41, an amazing co-worker of mine (in our other office) was diagnosed with cancer, my Step-Grandmother going to the hospital on Christmas Day, and then my Mother being laid off in the beginning of the year.  There were some positive things in there...I promise...I got recognized at my company party in the middle of December, Greg and I hosted a "Trim-a-Tree/Holiday/End-of-the-World/Bottle Share/Ugly Sweater" Party on 12-20-12, Greg and I had a fantastic Christmas together (AND Thanksgiving, because I didn't blog about that either), and now we're looking at the New Year. 

Here's hoping this New Year is a good one, because I'm not quite sure I can deal with anymore cancer.  Cancer should stay in 2012.  Yes.  Cancer SHOULD definitely stay the hell out of 2013.  Just because I said so. 

I'm also hoping that I can continue to blog (and DIY), because I really do love it.

Here's my DIY/Blog 2013 To-Do List...(I know it's short, but I have to start somewhere)
Hopefully I can stay with it - and if any of you readers out there, that stuck with me during my hiatus (THANK YOU!!) have any suggestions for me NOT falling off the horse blog, please share!!!  I'd love to hear from you!!!

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