A HUGE Thank You to Sew Many Ways for posting about this topic today.  After some serious research, I too, am going to truncate my blog.  So I hope you'll stay with me!! :) 

Please feel free to do some research of your own, or click on the links that I found below:

Definition:  Blog Scraping (Source:  Wikipedia)
What does "Truncating Feed" Mean? (Soure:

*This site above includes how to truncate on Blogger, Feedburner, and Wordpress as well - huge help!!*
Why I Subscribe to Blogs with Truncated Feeds (Source:  Between Naps on the Porch)
Stop Scrapers from Stealing Your Content (Source:  Between Naps on the Porch)
Stolen Content: This is How it Looks (Source:  Between Naps on the Porch)
How to Truncate Posts in Blogger (Source:  The House of Smiths)

Update:  Sew Many Ways also went through How to Truncate Your Blog, so if you're interested, read on!!

2nd Update:  I just came across some other helpful links on Home Stories A to Z and The Shabby Creek Cottage - these are a HUGE help.  Please read them!!!

The link at The Shabby Creek Cottage is a huge help in learning and knowing how to truncate feeds in RSS or Google Reader.  MUST READ and edit!!!

You'll see I used that last tutorial from the House of Smiths, and it worked.  Hopefully no more scamming on my stuuuuff!!! :)  But seriously, click below to read more - there's more tips.

Some tips I learned while researching
**credit goes to the above links**
  2. Include links to previous projects WITHIN your posts (it will deter them from stealing if your name is everwhere - like this post this post and this post)
  3. Use that cute little icon marked "Insert Jump Break".  You can customize the actual test in your Layout Settings --> Blog Posts Edit button. 
    1. NOTE - I actually went back into all my posts and Inserted a "Jump Break" just to be on the safe side.  I'd rather be safe than sorry. :)
HOW do you know if your blog is being STOLEN???
**credit goes to the above links**
Go here (Copyscape)
Here (CopyGator)
Here (Dupli Checker)
Or Here (Google Alerts) - you can plug in specific alerts to your blog - this way you're alerted if something that's duplicated comes up.

What do you do if you find that you ARE a victim???
**credit goes to Between Naps on the Porch**
  1. You can start by attempting to contact the thief and asked them to remove it.   Most bad sites do not have a “contact” method listed because they aren’t interested in building relationships or rapport with their readers.  No, they are in the business of stealing your content to make money.  If you do see a contact method, I doubt seriously you’ll get any response.
  2. You can report them to their web hosting company.  Most hosting companies have a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) form available or some form of contact.  If you can show them proof it’s your content, which is normally pretty easy to do, they will remove the site.
  3. Lucky for me, the evil site that had stolen hundreds of my posts was a Blogger blog.  I filled out the DMCA form HERE with Google (who owns Blogger) and within just 3-4 days, the site was G.O.N.E!   Yay, Google!
  4. Finally, I found this article from WPBeginner to be very helpful….definitely worth a read.
Good luck to all regarding Truncating their blogs, and have a great weekend all!! :)

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